Dream About Donkey Meaning

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donkey in dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about donkey

  1. Ride on a donkey, means a long life and reaching goals.
  2. Dream of dragged by donkey, means sad.
  3. Dream of donkey sound, means achieved what you want.
  4. Dream of killing donkey, means making money.
  5. Dream of your donkey disappeared, it means goodbye to someone.
  6. Donkey meat or donkey skin, means money and pleasure.
  7. A Donkey is walking fast, means traveling hasty.
  8. Dream of donkey birth, means growing your wealth.
  9. Dream of seeing a lot of donkey, means money.
  10. Fall off the donkey, it means trouble.
  11. Dream of buying a donkey but not yet paid, means acquiring goodness.
  12. The one-eyed donkey, means difficulties in work.
  13. A blind donkey, means your money runs out.
  14. Dream of donkey with long tail, a lot of fur, means you have a lot of followers.
  15. When the donkey turned into a horse, means a favor.
  16. White donkey, means excitement.
  17. Green donkey, means the holiness.
  18. Red donkey, means good livelihood.
  19. Yellow donkey, means the disease.