Dream About Dogs Meaning

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Dog dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about dogs

  1. Dogs in a dream means an enemy that does not have ideals and the will, but there’s still a sense of affection towards the opponent.
  2. A dog is barking to you, means you will hear bad talk.
  3. A dog bites you, means the reproach from people and very offensive.
  4. Dogs scavenge garbage until scattered, means feel hurt because of someone or your enemy.
  5. Dog meat, means the money your enemy.
  6. Dream of fooling dog with a dog, means deceive opponents to deceive the other opponent.
  7. Dream of feeding the dogs with bread, means fortune.
  8. Dream of seeing a dog sleeps with a pillow, means your life depends on someone who does not have aspiration and make you poor.
  9. A dog running away from you, meaning your enemy is afraid of you.

  • Sheren

    Down the end of the terrace looks like the jungle/wild forests. Something like that. I’m up on top of the terrace. On the platform of the terrace there are black dogs. Two of them. Then on the right of the terrace there were two dangerous snakes. I known as out to my associate who came to help and attacked one of the snakes on one side of the terrace.

    Then, my dog came up to the terrace. She ran down the terrace and then I known as her to come back up the terrace. When she got to the top of the terrace I went within the place and said to get in the cage. When I started the cafe she got in but a black bat, an owl and a lot of mice started working out of the cage. I don’t know u was really creeped out when I woke up too. I can’t keep in thoughts everything but there were an over whelmimg amount of dangerous animals every where I transformed. I’m not sure what it could mean.

  • John

    My dad is outside and I’m place behind the metal display access. We have a lot of creatures 3 creatures a goose and a pig. I see a whild dog looks like a cougar and it’s looking at the activities. I tried to get all creatures in but one dog got trapped outside bc it didn’t get within soon enough.

    I scream to my dad informing him the dog is their and I run to your kitchen to get rotor blades blades so we can secure ourselves. I part my dad one through the display access and he said to get more so Offered him the 2 rotor blades blades and then I get 2 more. At now the cougar is so near to the dog and begins to eat the dog so I hit on-screen and then it reveals and the dog are working in and I throw the access shut the cougar carries on to be for a while then goes away.

    After a while a jaguar come and is near my dad and tries to eat him but my dad reduces it and it gets mad and reveals it tooth to my dad and goes behind him I scream to my dad and tell him the dog is behind him and my dad shouts at it and Perhaps it got afraid and it going to come down the activities near me and I try to throw and guarded the access easily.

    But some how the pig gets out part so the jaguar tried to eat it an I again hit the access to scare the dog and the access reveals again then the jaguars is trying to keep the access start while I’m trying to keep it shut and I’m shouting to my sis to get the gun and trying to tell my dad to help me. And then I hit the jaguar on the go and it gets really mad almost attacks me but then it some how forced the access start actions on me all the other creatures run away.