Dream About Death Meaning

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Death dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about death?

  1. When you are dead in a dream, many people lamenting your death and bathe your dead body, bring you to the grave and bury you, means the destruction. But if you are not buried it means your business is better.
  2. If you are dead then back to life, means sin and repent to God.
  3. If you are dead in a dream but nobody cry at your funeral, means damage.
  4. You’ve been dead for a long time, it means traveling and make friends with the fools.
  5. Seeing someone is dead, means goodness.
  6. A leader of a country dies, means that country is experiencing turmoil and chaos.
  7. Agony before die, means to persecute yourself.
  8. Your parents die, means your money runs out.
  9. Dream of your brother / sister die, if you’re sick means dead.
  10. Your spouse dies, means wealth.
  11. Dream of die without dressing, means poverty.
  12. Dream of die and then placed in a high place, means serenity.
  13. Your son dies, means safe from enemies.
  14. Your daughter dies, means sadness.
  15. Dream of died suddenly, means sadness.
  16. Pregnant woman is dreaming of dead, means blessed with a boy and happy.
  17. Your friend dies, means you’ll die or goodbye to your friend.
  18. To see dead animal, if that animal has fangs or fingernails, means safe from your enemy.
  19. Your mother is dead, means you fail.

  • Lotty

    I saw my mom in law in the desire where she was already set to be cremated. I kept sensation she was going to go. I was status on the terrace of the house. My spouse was sitting next to the deceased body of my dirt other man was on the way and there was a lot of disorder on the way some battling was going on the way. I kept in thoughts every detail early in the day I realized I was conscious when the desire went through my head. I still don’t comprehend this desire.

  • Josh

    I imagined my spouse eliminating me over and over again while i am actually viewing it status in most. Later on i help him package my corpse and dispose of it whenever except one. Now he features my body system in a bathroom and says he will return later to put it away. The bathroom is enclosed. During this whole factor i see myself not upset but speechless and assisting my spouse like i have been hypnotised. My spouse results in and i see my little girl is also resting in most. She awakens and is trying to use the bathroom but i m not allowing her as i m afraid to what she will see within.i contact my spouse and one of my close buddy covers.

  • Sams

    I was snorkeling down the road in my desire with my sis i saw a man with a younger boy organized by the neck with one side he flung the boy down i got out to see if i could help i was appaulled yet terrified as the man began screamin i looking in the child’s dieing sight hopped in my vehicle and demand help cops came remaining all there devices but disappeared