Dream About Crawling Animals Meaning

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Crawling animal in dreams

What does it mean when you dream about scorpion

  1. Scorpion in dream, means weak opponents and a lot of desire, does not distinguish between opponents and friends.
  2. Dream of holding a scorpion, means talking with the word that is not good.
  3. Dream of eating burned scorpion, means take someone’s money.
  4. Dream about scorpion out of your mouth or get into your clothes, it means there is an enemy in the house.
  5. To dream there are scorpions in the clothes, means destruction from enemy.
  6. There is a scorpion in the arm, meaning the damage in family.
  7. Dream of killing scorpions, means victory over your opponent.
  8. Dream of catching scorpion and then throw it to the ground, means adultery.

What does it mean when you dream about centipede

Centipede in a dream, it means almost the same as the scorpion, what makes it different is a woman who likes to hurt. There is no good if dreaming about centipede.

What does it mean when you dream about spiders

  1. Spiders in a dream, it means people who are weak, misguided, ungodly, and lie.
  2. Dream to kill a spider, means eradicate people who have behavior above.
  3. Dream to catch spider, it means making friends with those who are weak.

What does it mean when you dream about worms

  1. Worms in a dream, means something unpleasant.
  2. There are worms in clothes, means money.
  3. There are worms scattered on the body, it means get a position.
  4. Dream of seeing a huge worm, means sometimes holding power.
  5. Dream of seeing worms eat the meat, means your family and relatives are eating your money.
  6. Dream of seeing worms in green color, means a good woman.
  7. Dream to eat worms, means eat someone’s money.

What does it mean when you dream about ants

  1. Dream of seeing a lot of ants, means people or family.
  2. Ants invade food, means expensive food.
  3. Dream of seeing ants move something out of the house, means no good.
  4. Ants are coming out of the nose or mouth, means the damage.
  5. Small red ants, means weak people.
  6. Big black ants, mean relatives and family.
  7. Dream of seeing a flying ant in the air, means your family will go and return safely.
  8. Dream to see ants carry food laboriously, it means hard-earned profit.

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