Dream About Cow Cattle Meaning

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Cow dream meaning

Cow in dreams meaning

  1. A dream of riding a cow, means succeed in the job.
  2. Dream to see cow were slaughtered, means murder.
  3. Dream of killing cattle and eat the meat, means killing your friend and take his money.
  4. Dream of seeing multicolored cows, means the disease arise in this year, especially when the cows are lean.
  5. When the cows are fat, means prosperity in that year.
  6. Dream of plowing with cows, means a lot of favors received.
  7. Dream to fight with cattle, it means a fight with people who have high status.
  8. Dream of milking cows and drinking the milk, means when poor get rich. When rich, means get richer.
  9. Dream of buying beef, means married with the rich.
  10. Dream of milking cow but not drink it, means collect a lot of money, but never use it.
  11. Cows spoke to you, means wealth.
  12. Cows are facing you, means prosperity.
  13. Fell off the backs of cow, means changes of your life in that year.
  14. Fight with cattle, it means a fight with a woman.
  15. Dream of biting cattle, means your family of friends betray you.
  16. Green cow means women who keep the sanctity.
  17. Dream to see the cows turned into a tiger, means the good becomes evil.
  18. Dream of seeing a white cow, means a kind word.

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