Dream Corpse Dead Person Meaning

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Corpse dream meaning

Dead body in dream

  1. Dream of dead body is flying, people follow it, means an honorable man died in that place.
  2. Seeing corpse in the market, means great luck.
  3. Dream to see the corpse said to you about the day of your death, means that is true.
  4. A dead person gave you new clothes, means getting a life-like the life of the deceased, when he was still alive.
  5. A dead person gave you the worn clothes, it means poverty.
  6. A dead person gave you food, means fortune.
  7. A dead person gave you honey, means treasure.
  8. Dream of giving clothes to the dead, but not used, mean misery.
  9. Dream of the dead take off your clothes and then wear it, means death.
  10. Dream of seeing dead people holding hands, means money.
  11. Dream of seeing dead people embrace you, means a long life.
  12. Dream of speaking with the dead, it means a lot of money.
  13. Dream of kissing a dead person, means knowledge.
  14. The dead person kisses you, means kindness.
  15. Seeing dead people buy food, meaning the price of food will rise.
  16. Dream of lifting dead body, means money.
  17. Dream of dragged the dead body on the ground, meaning is sin or illicit money.
  18. Dream of bringing the corpse to the grave, means doing the right thing.

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