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chess dream meaning

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Chess is a board game with a lot of ruse, strategy and traps, attack and defense. Bright thought and strategists often have dreams about chess. This is an approach to deal with potential conflict and problem. Every step and decision you make can affect your life. Do you think it’s time to make your life decision?

You do not have to be an expert in strategy games to dream about chess. Watching a movie about a chess game can have a chess dream. Chess is the most complete strategy game, with thousands of variations and movement. Every game is a challenge for your intelligence. In many ways, you can extrapolate aspects of your life. Do you play attack or defend? Do you attack your opponent when you see your opponent’s weakness?

Why dream of chess?

See the chessboard and chess pieces in a dream
Usually dreaming of a king or prime minister symbolizes how important you are to the people around you. While dreaming pawns, you may find it unimportant. However, you should know that pawn play a key role in chess.

Dreams become a part of chess
You assume that you have a period of doubt and uncertainty. Every decision you make today can change your course of life. You can consult your family or friends to consider the decisions you make.

Dream of playing chess
Playing chess in a dream symbolizes the global vision you have before an important event takes place in your life. This vision helps you to have a clearer idea. On the other hand, the dream of playing chess means that you will be at odds with other people or enemies.

Playing chess but you do not know how to play
This dream symbolizes that you are excessive in using money and cause anxiety within you.

Dream checkmate in chess
This can cause significant emotional harm. Have you lost loved ones lately? Do you often dream about mothers or dream about your spouse? Are you afraid of losing freedom? The king is part of the chess that must be protected.

Dreams win in chess
This dream symbolizes that you will find luck. If you have a dispute with someone, then you will win it.

Dreams lose in chess
This dream symbolizes that you are afraid of failure even if you have done your best. Be positive, you cannot always win the battle any time.