Dream of Catching a Fish

catching fish dream meaning

Fish in dreams are often interpreted as a fortune. Not a few people who ever prove the truth of the dream and get a lot of unexpected fortune. The size and number of fish in a dream can symbolize how much profit or how much misfortune will you get.

Dream about fish meaning

The dream of getting a fish can be interpreted as 2 omens, a good sign, and a bad sign. Scaly fish is a good sign, fortune, ease, and happiness, While if the fish is not scaly, such as catfish, tuna, or eel, then this dream is a bad sign.

Big fish dream meaning
The big fish dream is an exact symbol of big profits unexpectedly. Some people said that after they dreamed about this dream, they won the lottery and get a big pot win.

Small fish dream
This dream is actually the same as before, it’s just that the gain is not great. But if a lot of small fishes, then although small but also will get a lot of luck.

Fish rain dream
This dream is one of the rarest dreams. If you are dreaming like this, then you should be happy. This dream is a good sign, soon there will be big profits for you.

Dream of catching fish
The dream of catching fish can be interpreted according to the place. Catching fish in the sea means bad luck and disappointment you have to face. Catching fish in the fields means happiness in your family. Dream of catching fish in the river means happiness that comes continually. Dream of seeing big fish in the pond means ease of work or good news for your family.

These are all dreams about fish, it can be a lesson and bring happy news for you after you have a dream of catching a fish.