Dream Carpet Pillow Mattress Curtain Meaning

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Happiness will be obtained if someone dreams about pillows. Is it right?

dream about pillow mattress curtain carpet

What does it mean when you dream about carpet

  1. Dream to roll out a new carpet, means getting longevity.
  2. Thick carpet in unknown place, means far away from hometown.
  3. Dream of bringing carpet on the shoulder and folded, meaning wealth depleted.
  4. Dream of sitting on the carpet, it means obtaining honor.
  5. Dream to see a carpet on fire, means death.
  6. Dream of seeing a small carpet, meaning short age.
  7. Dream of seeing small carpet but wide, means short age but get lucky.
  8. Dream of having a small carpets and broken, means a little fortune.
  9. Dream to fold carpet and sit on it, means die soon.

What does it mean when you dream about mattress

  1. Dream about mattress, means getting power.
  2. Dream of piling some mattresses, means have husband or wife more than one.
  3. Dream about mattress hung in the air, means death.
  4. Dreams to roll out mattress held in high place, means high dignity.
  5. Seeing a green mattress turns to red, means your spouse’s behavior is changing.
  6. Dream to replace the mattress, means married again.

What does it mean when you dream about pillow

  1. Pillow in a dream, means a servant.
  2. Dream of bringing a pillow, means losing fame.
  3. Dream of filling pillows, means mating.
  4. Dream of collecting pillows, means collecting some women.
  5. Dream to put some pillows on the bed, meaning more servants.
  6. Dreams about someone get into the home and steal pillows, there is a  man seducing a woman in the house.
  7. Dream to sit on a pillow, means get dignity.

What does it mean when you dream about curtain

  1. Dream about curtain installed not in the right place, means grief, sadness, and fear.
  2. Dream of removing the curtain, means the fear has gone.
  3. Dream of seeing curtain at the door of the house, means sadness.
  4. Dream to see curtain torn apart, means joy.
  5. Dream of seeing curtain bitten by a dog, means ask for help from a fool.

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