Dream About Canoe or Boat Meaning

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dream canoe boat meaning

What does it mean when you dream about boat or canoe?

  1. Dream of seeing a canoe, it means trouble.
  2. Dream out of the canoe, means getting excitement.
  3. A canoe stops on dry land, means ordeal or meaningless expectation.
  4. Dream of your canoe sinks, means your business loss.
  5. Dream of your canoe sinks, then go up to water surface again, means that all your wealth gone.
  6. Dream of your canoe broken, means a major disaster.
  7. Dream of walking alongside the boat, means traveling then get a favor.
  8. Dream of your boat is running, and then you follow it from behind, means doing a tough job, but finally successful.
  9. Dream of sitting in a boat and the boat is in a high place and running, means honor and glory.
  10. Your boat is leaking, it means getting the disaster.
  11. A Canoe made from iron, it means having the strength.
  12. Your boat is on the land and broken, means downfall.