Dream About Having Cancer

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cancer dream meaning

dream i was dying of cancer

It is no wonder that in some moments of our life we have dreams of suffering serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer, hepatitis. It is a way of our subconscious gives us an alert. We all know the risk of getting these serious diseases. So what does it mean to dream about having cancer?

Today, every time we hear the word cancer we start to tremble. Not a pleasant dream to have. Much less is premonitory. But since you’ve had this dream, are you visiting your doctor to do a checkup? More reason to take care of your body. People who have cancer by having this dream can see themselves fighting against this disease. They must find an optimism to face their own battle. Smiling at life will win their most decisive battle.

Why dream of cancer?

Dream that you are diagnosed with cancer
Dreaming of going to a doctor and doctors telling you that you have cancer can happen to vulnerable people. Even if you do not have cancer, you must learn to accept life as it is, with optimism and excitement. Bad and tragic news makes you very vulnerable.

The dream of a person suffering from cancer
This dream means that you realize how important that person in your life. Instead, it represents your feelings and emotions. You cannot imagine a world without them.

Undoubtedly, a show of great courage is a smile that daily gives people who experience this situation. Dreaming to win cancer is the desire of many people who suffer and who struggle every day with strength. You still want to live longer.

Dreams about treating cancer
You feel optimistic about fighting. You do not give up easily, even in the worst of contexts. You do not easily accept defeat and you do not want to lose everything.

Dreams hide the cancer you suffer
You have a great secret that you try to hide by not hurting others. However, this gives you a feeling of loneliness.