Dream of Buying a House

buying house dream

The house is a building for human residence. As a residence, the house also serves as a protector that protects humans from heat and rain and becomes a container for various aspects of life.

A house in the dream is often associated with the living condition of the dreamer. Dreams about the house can be a good sign or a bad sign depending on the condition that happened in your dreams and your present life. The dream of buying a house is interpreted as a good sign, that is calm and protected. If you also dream of buying furniture for the house, then it is a good sign for your life especially if you are married.

A house dream

Dream of buying a house
It is a good sign, you get a blessing from God.

Dream of buying furniture
It is a good sign, you will get a better life, for you who are married.

Dream of buying drugs from pharmacies
You must take care of your health.

Buy home furniture
It is a good sign, you will soon get a partner or get married soon.

Dream will buy a house
It is a good sign, which is getting sustenance or grace.

Buy home building materials
A good sign, the business you are pioneering will make a success.

Seeing the house on fire
It’s a bad sign, you’re meeting someone who’s in a rage.

The neighbor’s house was on fire
A bad sign, you will be betrayed by close friends.

The door of the house collapsed
It is a good sign, if you are sick it will recover quickly.

Dream of seeing empty house
It is a bad sign, you will travel far enough.

The dream of seeing the sunshine in the house
It is a good sign of happiness in the home.

Sweeps the floor of the house
A bad sign, your property will be reduced or quickly run out.

Dream of cleaning the house
It’s a good sign, you soon get an unexpected treasure.