Dream About Body Piercing and Earrings

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piercing dream meaning

Dream of piercing is almost the same as a tattoo dream. Piercing is a part of the body art. Children in their teenage years often do piercing art that they find interesting. At this age, young people pay particular attention to the image they want to convey outwardly. But this is also not limited to adolescence. Adults working in companies as managers may also do body piercing. What does a body piercing dream mean?

Almost all the dream analysts draw the same conclusion. If you are experiencing sad times because of your pessimistic perceptions of the world such as poverty, economic crisis, corruption, war, then you can shut down by showing your rejection and incompatibility. But you should know that in other cultures, piercings are part of their culture. Do you have any conflicts and debates with your beliefs over the years? Does your dream with piercings represent an emotional change or just a desire for aesthetic changes? Here is some analysis of dream about piercings:

Dream of piercing art

Dreams of piercing certain body parts
In this dream it takes memory, in which part of the body you are piercing. If you are piercing your tongue or lips, this is usually interpreted as regret for words that have just come out of your mouth. Ear piercing may indicate your inability to listen properly. Piercing around your eyes represents a new perception of your environment.

Dream of piercing in the navel
Are you an egocentric person? Do you consider yourself a fundamental part of your circle of friends? When you realize that you are not the center of the universe, your subconscious can make you dream by piercing on your navel.

Dreams have lots of piercings
Seeing you choked with many piercings in different parts of the body, starting from face to genital become a symbol of emotional or inner conflicts. You may be amazed at having this dream. Do you feel sadness? Have you just lost contact with your loved ones? Or do you get bad news?

The dream of seeing earrings means that you like listening to songs. When the earrings are made of gems means to teach the good. If you are a husband then see your wife wearing gold earrings on one side and silver earrings on the other, this is a bad sign in romance.

The subconscious has wrapped the fact that you do piercing. Changing your aesthetic image or highlighting your personality through piercings is fashion.