Dream About Body Parts Meaning

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There’s so many name of body parts that we have, from top to bottom, from head to foot. Sometimes these body parts appear in a dream. Here is the meaning when you dream about body parts.


  1. Dream black-faced and dressed in white, means you will have a daughter.
  2. Dream about blackened faces and wearing dirty clothes, means you lie.
  3. Dream about face black and dusty, means you will die.
  4. Dreaming of your face blackened, means you are so scare.
  5. Dream to see the red face, when mixed white, means the glory.
  6. Dream to see a yellow face, means sick or die.


  1. Dream of your head is bigger than the reality, meaning is glory, if smaller means the opposite.
  2. Dream of having 2 or 3 heads, means you win over your opponent, if your are poor means to be rich, if you are rich means you will have many children, if single will get married.
  3. A trader is dreaming about his head bowed, means loss.
  4. Dream to bow your head and hanged, means long-lived.
  5. Dream of your head bowed and folded, means make a mistake and feel sorry.
  6. Dream of your head turns into a dog or horse head, means doing evil.
  7. Dream of your head turns into elephant head or tiger, it means you are trying to pursue a higher position and gain power.
  8. Dream of your head is like a bird, means you always wander.
  9. Dream to see a few heads cut off, means a lot of people who abide at you.
  10. Dream of eating raw human head, means talking about someone.
  11. Dream of eating a head after cooked, it means money and people.
  12. Your head be apart from your body, means you will lose your position.
  13. Your head cut off then retrieved and plugged again and back to normal, means you will die in a battle.
  14. Your head apart from your body, then you store your head, means money.
  15. Your neck and head struck off, if you are sick will be healed.
  16. Dream about someone’s head in your hand, bode well for people who don’t have many children.


  1. Dream of seeing your own hair, it means a long life.
  2. Dream about hair cut, means a fight or disaster.
  3. If a woman is dreaming about her hair shaved, means a reproach or disgrace.
  4. Dream about grizzled hair, means poor.
  5. Dream about hair loss, means grief befall.
  6. Dream about long hair, means apart with money or jail.
  7. Hair is not graying, but already grown actually, means have a daughter.
  8. Dream about a bald head, means not good at all, or sad, and difficult.
  9. Dream of bald head, but your hair grows actually, means a greatness and prestige will be obtained as well as making progress.
  10. Dream of combing your hair, means appreciated and power.
  11. Hair grows in the wrong place, means owe.
  12. Dream of shaving underarm hair, or hair below the navel, means your aspiration realized.
  13. Armpit hair grow long, means not good.
  14. Dream of curly hair, means a kindness and benefits.
  15. Dream of your hair is bushy, means a disgrace.
  16. Dream of unraveled hair in front of the face, means instant humiliation.


  1. Dream of having big brain, means intelligent.
  2. Dream of not having a brain, means stupid.
  3. Dream of eating your own brain, means eating your own money.
  4. Eat brain the dead people, means die soon.


  1. Dream of seeing a nice forehead, means good.
  2. Dream of seeing a defect forehead, means less in status.
  3. Dream of forehead made from iron, copper, or stone, means well as long as the shape is still good.


  1. Normal brow, means a kindness.


  1. There are some eyes on the body, it means getting better.
  2. Dream of your stomach is open and there are 2 eyes in your stomach, means hypocrite.
  3. Losing sight, it means someone from your family will die.
  4. Dream of your eyes made from iron, it means grief-stricken.
  5. Dream to open your eyes to a man, means to overcome the problem.
  6. Someone’s eyes in your hand, it means money.
  7. White eyes in dream, means continuous distress.
  8. You are blind in your dream but then you can see again, means guided to the straight path.
  9. Dream of seeing a blind man, means wanderer.
  10. Dream about blind eyes and walks with fumble, means always make sin.
  11. Dream to guide a blind person, means giving clues to the right path.
  12. Dream about eye pain, means damaged.
  13. Dream about weak eyes, means need help.


  1. Dream about thick eyelashes and nice, means careful.
  2. Dream of not having eyelashes, means behaves badly.
  3. Dream of eyelashes plucked, means your enemy advises you.
  4. Dream of white eyelashes, means pain that arises from head, eyes, ears or gums.


  1. Dream of your cheek is in white color, means acquiring virtue and glory.
  2. Good cheek in a dream means prosperity and joy. Bad cheek means sickness and disease.


  1. Snot out of your nose, means profit.
  2. Dream of flies out of your nose, means you will have children.
  3. Insect enters your nose, means something less commendable.
  4. Yarn in your nose, means inferiority.
  5. Common cold in dream, means business is not going well.
  6. Talking through your nose, means lose power.
  7. Lacerated nose, something that is not good.
  8. There’s a lot of dirt in your nose, means people don’t like you.
  9. To clean up the nose, means people like you.
  10. Your nose is big then turns into small, means humiliation.
  11. Washing your nose in a dream, means somebody in the house who seduce your wife.
  12. Smell the odor, means having a good boy or happiness after sorrow.


  1. Dream of upper lips cut off, means the pleasure will be lost.
  2. Bottom lip is cut off, means your spouse dies, it also mean a divorce.
  3. Both of lips fall, means calamity from parents.
  4. There’s something on the lips that you like, means getting distress and grief.
  5. Dream of lips shut and could not open it, means an unresolved case.
  6. Dream of drenching your lips with saliva mouth, means quarreled with your family.
  7. Lips turn to metal, means not good.
  8. Yellow lips, means weakness.
  9. Black lips, means getting trouble for people who expect pleasure.


  1. Dream about mouth tied, means it has the veil of death, serious illness.
  2. Dream about mouth skewed and can not go back, means it is not good.
  3. Dream about wide mouth, means very well.
  4. Dream about scented mouth, means you speak well.
  5. Dream about long tongue, means a quarrel going to happen.
  6. Dream about tongue-tied, means hit by poverty and disaster.
  7. Dream of having 2 tongues, means good.
  8. There is something painful in tongue, means no good.
  9. Dream of biting your tongue, means regret.
  10. Dream of seeing your own tongue, means being careful.
  11. Black tongue in dream, means to be a poet.
  12. Dream about yellow tongue, means sick.
  13. Dream about your tongue cut off, means a kindness.


  1. Ear cut off, means the death of a family member.
  2. Something get into the ear, means you will hear bad words.
  3. Dream of deaf, means to improve your life.
  4. Cleaning earwax, means to hear something good.
  5. Dream of taking what comes out of the ear, means repents.
  6. Dream about someone put a hand on your ear, means someone defamed your family.


  1. Dream of seeing a long beard, means trouble.
  2. Your beard is pulled down, means disaster.
  3. Cut off beard, means healthy.
  4. Beard reduced but not seem ugly, means out of sorrow.
  5. There is a person holding your beard without any pain, means that person is giving direction to you.
  6. Beard unraveled, means die suddenly.
  7. To polish beard and give fragrances, means goodness in all things.
  8. Graying beard, means increased your prestige and pride.
  9. White beard, means weakness and diminished wealth.
  10. Dream of seeing a bearded woman, means something that is not preferred.
  11. Plucking beard, means underestimate someone else.


  1. Shaving, means nice.
  2. Bushy mustache, means not good.
  3. Someone pulled you mustache, means not good at all.
  4. Your mustache in white color, means you left something.


  1. Dream of your neck is getting bigger, means trustworthy.
  2. Small neck, means it cannot be trusted.
  3. The wound in the neck, means doing bad.
  4. Dream to see the birds in your neck, if the bird is good means great. If the bird looks ugly means bad.
  5. Someone hit your neck, means not good at all.
  6. Neck veins bleed, means will die.


  1. The left hand means helpers and friends who help you in various ways.
  2. Long arms, means longevity. For traders, means an advantage.
  3. Your hands were cut off and appear scars, means your brother or sister dead or lost contact with them.
  4. Your right hand is cut off, means violating the oath.
  5. Hands were cut off and still there, means ask for help to your family.
  6. Hands were missing, means getting disaster.
  7. Left hand was cut off, means relatives will come.
  8. Hands apart, mean the loss of property.
  9. Hand is more white than the other hand, means save from evil.
  10. Hands over the chest, it means receiving news of the death.
  11. Hand cut off without pain, means love.
  12. Pasting hand to the other hand, meaning relatives gathered.
  13. Hands trembling, means sickness.
  14. Wet hands, it means rarely do good.
  15. Hand inserted into the armpit and give off light or fire, means a profit and succeed what aspired.
  16. Water out of hands, means the economy gets better.
  17. Walking with both hands, means your life depends to your family.
  18. Hand is talking to you with good conversation, means life to be good.
  19. Washing hands with soap, means unsuccessful what you had aspired.
  20. See someone is holding the hand of another person, means help.
  21. Clapping in dream, means the unbeneficial thing.


  1. Chest feels hot, means an opportunity.
  2. There is something unpleasant on the chest, means no good.
  3. Chest pain, means you donate your property in excess.
  4. Repeal something on your chest that is not preferred, means a benefit.


  1. The nails look clean, means wealth increases.
  2. Dream about long nails and fear of cut off or breaking, means losses.
  3. Dream about nails into claws, means winning over your opponent.
  4. Dream of not having nails at all, means your wealth decreased.
  5. Dream of seeing broken fingernails, means death.
  6. Thorn get into nail or something uncomfortable, means less good.
  7. Dream of cutting nails with your teeth, means running something new.


  1. Thigh in a dream means strength, effort, economic, environmental, and relations. If the thighs look good means also good.
  2. Dream of cutting your thigh, means goodbye to your family. Right thigh means father, left thigh means mother.
  3. Dream about torn thigh, means get disaster.
  4. Dream about thighs tied with a rope, means gathering his family.
  5. Dream about thighs turned into metal, means something is not liked by the people in their environment.


  1. Calves in a dream, means wealth and human life.
  2. Dream about nice calves, means power.
  3. Calves are not functioning, means hindered in doing things that supposed to be done.
  4. Dream about calves from wood or metal, means weakness.


  1. Two feet in a dream, means that both parents.
  2. Dream of seeing a severed leg, means all wealth is depleted.
  3. When two legs cut off, means traveling or no money.
  4. Dream about legs made from iron or copper, means long life.
  5. Barefoot, means destitute.
  6. Dream of having a lot of legs, means a journey and make a profit.
  7. Dream about broken ankle, means death.
  8. Dream about legs were broken, means misdirection.
  9. Feet and toes, means neighbor and their children.dream about body parts meaning