Dream of Bitten by Dogs

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black dog dream meaning

Dog is an animal with a great sense of smell. Therefore the dog ability is used in various fields such as hunting, to help in police investigation, house keeping. Although dog bites are also dangerous because it can cause infection.

Dogs in a dream can be a good sign or even a bad sign. The good or bad of the dream depends very much on the conditions that take place in your dream. Some interpretations define a dog’s bitten dream as a bad omen, ie you will be faced with a situation where someone has a malicious intention on you. This dream should be used as a warning for you to be more vigilant and careful.

Conversely, if you dream of successfully killing a black dog trying to attack you, then it is a good sign. This means that you will succeed in overcoming the evil intentions of those who stalk you. Your efforts against the dog illustrate how you respond to the person who intends to harm you. Below are some dog-related dream interpretations in various situations. However, the following information is only an interpretation and not always applicable.

Dogs in your dream

Dream bitten by a dog
It is a bad sign and as a warning for you to be vigilant and careful because there are people who intend bad for you.

Dream of killing a black dog
A good sign, you will find it easy to fight the evil intentions that lurk you.

Keeping dogs
It’s a good sign, your efforts are paying off.

Dream of seeing dogs barking
It is a bad sign, the danger around you, you should always be careful in doing anything.

Dreams eat dog meat
It is a bad sign, you will get a hurdle or obstacle for you.

Caring for a dog
It’s a good sign, you’ll get great luck.

Dreams are surrounded by many dogs
A good sign, you will meet a new friend.

Dream of seeing pet dogs
A good sign, you will soon find a happiness.

Dream of seeing dogs fighting
It is a good sign, you will soon find the bright spot of your problem and make peace with your opponent.

Dream of seeing a dog enter a house
It is a good sign, you will be at peace with your old enemy.

Dream scratched by a dog
It is a bad sign, a threat will come to you.

Dream flea-bitten dog
It’s a bad sign, someone will bill you a promise.