Dream About Bathroom and Door Meaning

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dream about door bathroom meanings

What does it mean when you dream about door

  1. Dream of seeing the door is open, means when you are running a business, you will quickly succeed.
  2. Dream of seeing a few houses, the front doors are open, it means you’ll get money and high position.
  3. Dream of seeing the door is locked, means misfortune befalls.
  4. Dream of knocking on the door and someone answering, means successful.
  5. Dream of removing the door, means divorced.
  6. Dream as a carpenter and then create a new door, means married.
  7. Seeing the door but no keyhole, means marry.
  8. Dream of seeing a lot of wild animals are flocking to the house and entrance through the door, means a young man wants to marry a woman from his family.
  9. Dream to lock the door but can not be locked, means you should not do something beyond your ability.
  10. Dreaming of the door open, means you will get a lot of chances.
  11. Dream about a big door, means good.
  12. Dream to meet people through the door, means superior over your opponent.
  13. Dream out of the narrow door, means financial leeway.
  14. Dream of looking for the door, but can’t find it, means your efforts are unsuccessful.
  15. Difficulty to open the door, means the job is difficult and not successful.
  16. Dream of nailing the door, means falling in love.
  17. Dream to come to the door but not go through that door, then entrance through the other door, means do not depend on anyone.
  18. Dream of seeing a broken key, means not good.
  19. Lost the key, means losing something.
  20. Dream to insert the key into the lock, means married.
  21. A few keys means of earning money.
  22. Dream to put a padlock on the door, it means keeping your spouse.
  23. Dream to see padlocks fitted in shop door, means merchandise not sold.

What does it mean when you dream about bathroom

  1. Dream of seeing the bathroom, means trouble.
  2. Shower in the bathroom, meaning excitement.
  3. Drinking hot water in the bathroom, means sickness.
  4. Dream to build a bathroom, means build a home.
  5. Dream to go to bathroom, means get trouble.
  6. Alone in the bathroom, means hardship arising because of women.
  7. Enter the bathroom together with some women, it means committing unlawful.
  8. Take a bath with cold water, means not good.
  9. To see feces in the bathroom, means a profound distress.


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