Dream About Having a Baby But Not Pregnant

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Babies in dream meaning

Dreams sometimes have special meaning for someone. Many people are less credence about the dream meaning. They just think it’s just a myth. But not often the dreams we got become reality in real life. This time we will discuss the dream interpretation of having children or babies in dream.

Dreaming of holding a baby

Dream of having a son
When you dream of having a son, this bodes well for you. It’s related to matchmaking, romance, work or fortune. However, this dream can not be directly interpreted just like that, the incident in the dream also has the effect. For example, if you dream of having a handsome boy, it means you will get sustenance for your family or your health will continue to improve in quite a long time. If you are pregnant this time, the good luck for you.

Dream of having a daughter
A dream like this also has a good meaning, especially if your daughter is beautiful. If you are not married yet and you dreamed of having a daughter, it means you’ll soon find your soul mate. It also be the sense that your life will be better. Meanwhile if you are married, it means fortune will come to your family.

Dream of having twins
Dream of having twins also have a good interpretation. You will get a great fortune. If your kids have good-looking face, it’ll more better.

Dream of disabled child
In contrast to the above dream interpretation, having children with disabilities are often not good. The meaning of this dream is that you will get a test, temptation in your real life.

Adopted child
Adopting in real life is a good action. Adopting a child is also a new responsibility that must be carried. But if this happens in a dream, it will have different meaning. The dream meaning when you have adopted child means you will have a worth learning process in real life. You should also be ready to be given new responsibilities in your real life.

Dream to care for baby
This means you are a protective person. You care about the welfare of the people around you. Maybe you want to have a child, or get pregnant.

Your dream could not have children
It comes from a woman who is afraid of not getting pregnant. At other times, this dream begins with people who do not want responsibility in life.

Seeing you as a baby
This dream symbolizes people who depend on others and not independent.

Dream of breastfeeding baby
This dream symbolizes the instinct of motherhood.


If you have a dream with a good meaning, do not forget to always be accompanied by try, work, and pray. If you just sit on your hands, all of them will be meaningless.


  • Leisha

    I had an ideal about I was placing a little one in a blankie I’m just not sure if he was my own but I think I saw my spouse relaxing next to the child. The way was relaxed and it seemed comfortable and satisfied, it was not weeping or lauhing either but it seemed satisfied extending his hands and feet just like a child does.

  • Amanda

    I’m thinking having a daughter that really looks like me and she’s smilling at me. I’m still desire for having a kid and consider. Please help and please deliver me your presentation. I almost have the same desire every night