Dream of Abducted by Alien Spaceship

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

alien dream meaning

Today there are plenty of science fiction movies with topics related to alien. From Independence Day, The Aliens Saga, M.I.B, etc. If you’ve recently seen a movie of this genre, so no wonder if you have dream of aliens. Maybe at certain times in your life, you ask yourself the following question, are we alone in the universe? I bet you would’ve had this question. This internal debate can lead to dream about alien. Your subconscious evokes dreams for the passion, the mystery that arouses in you about this subject that you are passionate about.

What does it mean to dream about alien?

Several experts believe that dreaming about alien means unknown fear, harmony in nature, desire to learn, analyst scientific mind, and passion for science. However you must interpret your dream according to the emotion that you experienced when having this dream. Your dream about alien comes from fear or discomfort. Did you feel special or superior? Do you firmly believe that there are other sources of life? Try to remember your dream and its details to be objective and try to analyze the correct meaning when you have this type of dream.

Dream about alien because of fear and unknown
Certain aspects that you do not know or what you see every day causes you restlessness. The death, haunted house, creep show, the spirits existence, alien, is it really true? You must open your mind and consider another way of seeing things. Since centuries ago ancestors have told you that the earth is not flat.

Dream about alien for perception of the universe
You like astronomy; you know that the universe is expanding and that sadly you are not the center of the universe. It is far behind that the center of the universe is not the earth, but the sun. Perhaps you are going through a stage of unanswered questions, unresolved mysteries. You are curious and awake. Your rational analytical beyond the visual experience.

Dream about alien or other sources of life that abduct you
Do you really think that aliens are going to move millions of light years to our planet to trigger a war or kidnap you and make you as an experiment? If they manage to reach our planet in their technology, science will be much more superior. So, why do you think you’re going to suffer abduction?