Dream About Wolf Meaning

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Wolf dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about wolves

  1. Dream of seeing a wolf, means a liar and a traitor.
  2. Wolf meat, means illicit money.
  3. Dream of killing wolves, meaning is damage to the opponent.
  4. Dream of seeing a wolf’s head, means to gain power and privilege.
  5. A dream of finding skin or wolf’s bones, means money.
  6. Dream of bitten by a wolf, means poverty.
  7. Dream of sleeping with a wolf on a mattress, it means dealing with bad guy.
  8. Dream of seeing a wolf turns into a bull, means repent.
  9. To see some wolves in front of you, means your friends who cheat and insincere.
  10. Dream of caring for wolves, means your money runs out.

  • Martin

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    Then weekly later she was taken from us. And I began to type of get terrified, because there was indicators as individuals began to type of fall like goes, and instantly I noticed there was a design between those who were taken, and my goals. Anyway- So you can see why I’m type of like, Okay Hair, What’s up, what are you trying to say? Or cope. It was strong into evening, and there were so many celebrities in the sky that I couldn’t even depend. Walking out to I endured in the core of the swamp.

    There was high natural lawn, and it was swaying really quick until it came to a take a position still, and I noticed I endured in regular water, but regular water was radiant.It seemed like the galaxy, how it’s all vibrant, and intricate with celebrities. Suddenly it just converted back again on track color natural swamp regular water. I don’t anxiety just yet, because I then see mild insects beginning to drift in the air.

    So I comfortable. I began to identify the insects, and frogs tweeting. So this strange movement of the lawn, and the coloured regular water basically diverted me from getting viewpoint of where I was at. Suddenly I experienced someone behind me, and at first I couldn’t tell who he was, but I convert around completely. Hair endured there. “What are you patiently waiting for?” I converted for a second because I was thinking I saw something, but then I recall over and he was gone again. In his position a frog type, really ruby, and in his sight was like the galaxy. Like, you know how in Men In Dark the cat has the buckle in his collar?