Dream About Hair Lice

dream lice meaning

Did you dream last night about lice, such dreams have a lot of lice or looking for lice in your hair? If yes, then there is a good news for you. Based on the dream researcher, the dream about lice is a good omen in your life. The following will review omens about the meaning of hair lice in a dream.

From many experiences, lice dreams are a good sign. If you are having a dream about lice, chances are you will get a lot of convenience. Nevertheless, you need to see how chronologically in your dream to be able to interpret it.

Dream about head lice

Many head lice
The first is the dream of hair lice. If in your life you have absolutely no lice or never thought about lice, then suddenly dreamed of having lots of lice in your hair, this is a sign of a big livelihood coming to you or your family.

Dream of seeing a head lice
Next is the dream of seeing lice. This dream is also still associated with fortune. In the near future, you will probably find many business opportunities, job offers, or other conveniences that can be passed in reaching fortune. Besides, this is a happiness symbol, many people will like you.

Dream of looking for hair lice
If in a dream you feel easy to find lice, then you will also get ease in looking for fortune. If in the dream you find it difficult, then in life you will get into trouble too.

Dream of killing hair lice
It is a dream that symbolizes evil. This dream means the family breakup or you will quarrel with your relationship. As a result, you will find it hard to make a living.

Generally, if you have dreams about hair lice, this dream shows good luck. Although what happens in a dream also determines the meaning of your dreams.