Dream About Goat Meaning

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Goat in dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about goat

  1. Dream of goat is jumping over you, means you get money.
  2. Seeing a goat turned into sheep, means you will have a son.
  3. Dream of your goats stolen, means goodbye to family.
  4. Goats in the house, means prosperity in that year.
  5. Dream of mating with a goat, means you will get money but in a bad way.
  6. Dream of goat giving birth, means prosperity.
  7. Dream of riding a goat, meaning are goodness, pleasure, and excitement.
  8. Dream of herding goats, means you have influence power.
  9. Dream to meet some goats, means to meet some rich people and good-natured.
  10. Dream of killing goats, meaning is you win over your enemies.
  11. Dream of slaughtering a goat, but you don’t eat it, it means death. If you eat it means wealth.
  12. Dream of eating mutton, means you get money but only slightly.

  • Kristen

    I had a dream in which it seemed a couple of horses were eating goats. When I went to stop the horrendous event, the horses left and the goats were actually being attacked by an alligator. The horses were trying to help the goats. I tried to help the goats escape as they had fallen and become tangled around each other. There was some blood and I was struggling to free the goats and get them to run away before I awoke.
    What the heck is that all about??

    • Dreams

      Do you know about 7 scrawny cows ate 7 fat cows?

  • Rosemary

    I had a dream in which I saw my husband and his friends slaughter and cut up a very fat goat,the meat from that one goat was almost like it was from 2 goats…in my dream I just knew the goat was for my husband but his friends were helping him with the butchering….later saw myself cooking some of it for them all to eat.i was still cooking while I woke up.. Pls help interpret fast…thanks

    • Dream Catcher

      Your husband will get something precious and you will support him.

  • Jimmy

    I had a dream of my friends family slaughtering a goat but i dont recall them eating it. Although the purpose of them killing the goats was for food.

  • amit

    Saw a dream in which the goats had entered my house and we’re eating the wheat which was placed to dry off so that it could be grinded.

  • Innocent

    Had a dream that I killed some once goat when the meat was well cooked my grandmother prevented me from eating it the goat was a stolen goat

  • Had a dream that I was playing with a goat and the goat has half hand and she was shaking me with it

  • I dreamed a teacher was beating student and I rescue the student which is a boy from the teacher but the teacher got furious and unhappy with me