Dream About Fly Bee Flea Mosquito Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Did you dream of fly, bee, flea, or mosquito in your sleep last night? These kind of insect species are sometimes really annoying. Does this mean if you dream about it also means a bad symbol for your life? We’ll see the dream interpretation about these animals.dream about fly bee mosquito flea

What does it mean when you dream about flies

  1. Fly in a dream, means a weak man.
  2. Dream about to get rid of flies, means eliminate weak people.
  3. Dream about flies get into the throat or stomach, means encourage people who are weak and get a little kindness.
  4. Dream about flies get into the nose or ear, means hear painful conversation.
  5. Dreams of flies are biting him means slander.
  6. Dream about eating flies, means to get money from his enemy with hatred and sadness.
  7. Dream about fly falls on his property, there is a possibility of his property stolen.

What does it mean when you dream about bees

  1. Bees in a dream means a person who jovial, have a job and a decent living.
  2. Dream of getting a lot of bees means a lot of money.
  3. Dream of getting stung by a bee means hard-earned money.
  4. Dream of eating bees means to collect money for his family.
  5. Dream of killing bees means incur losses.
  6. Dream of issuing bees from its place, means doing injustice.
  7. Dream about bees gathered to him, means his people are helping him.

What does it mean when you dream about flea

  1. Flea in a dream means money and family.
  2. Dream of getting fleas means to get money.
  3. Dream of seeing fleas crawling on his body, someone join a ride to eat as his family.
  4. Dream of seeing fleas out of his body and crawling on the ground, means his business develops.
  5. Dream of flea out of his flesh, means the family take his money.
  6. Dream of killing fleas means hurting his assistants.
  7. Dream of seeing two fleas mating, means quarreled with his family.

What does it mean when you dream about mosquito

  1. Dream of seeing mosquitoes means weak enemies.
  2. Seeing a lot of mosquitoes bites his body, means in that year he will be living in distress.

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