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The dream of doomsday may be one of nightmare, because on doomsday is the last day we live. Doomsday is the end of life on earth by the will and power of God. At that time all nature and creatures will be destroyed, only God who lives and reigns. Doomsday begins with the angel Israfel blew trumpets by the command of God. On doomsday the earth will shake with very great, mountains are floating like cotton and wind. The planets in space collide and cause a terrible noise. All creatures will die on doomsday.

dream about doomsday heaven hell

After passing through the doomsday, then humans will be revived and will be be judged. Humans will be judged for his actions in front of God. For people who do good will go to heaven and the wicked people will go to hell.

In addition to the dream of doomsday, the following will also be explained about the dream of heaven and dream about hell.

What does it mean when you dream about doomsday

  1. Dream of seeing the signs of doomsday, means a good news from God for nice people. If a bad guy then a warning for you to do good.
  2. Dream of seeing doomsday while you stand before God, means justice will come faster.
  3. Dream of seeing the grave opened and the dead out of the grave, means immediately arrive justice.
  4. Dream of seeing doomsday, while you are in a state of war, means you will get help from God.
  5. Dream to see doomsday and appears chaos then calmed down again as before, meaning you always insubordinate to God and does not immediately ask God for forgiveness.

What does it mean when you dream about heaven

  1. Dream of seeing heaven but do not want to get into, it means a sign of God’s good news, because of good deeds.
  2. Dream of seeing heaven clearly, means to obtain what you please and removed your grief. If you want to get into heaven but prohibited, it means war or can not repent of sin that always done.
  3. Looking at one of the heaven doors is locked, meaning is one of the parents die. When two locked doors of heaven means both parents die.
  4. To see all the closed doors of heaven and can not be opened, means both parents get angry with you.
  5. Dream to go to heaven from doors anywhere, meaning both parents happy with you.
  6. Dream of going to heaven, means acquiring survivors in the world and the hereafter.
  7. Be inserted into heaven in dream, means dying or obtain guidance from people who enter into heaven before and repent of his sins.
  8. Dream of going to heaven but do not want to go, means you abandon religion.
  9. Dream about the Garden of Eden, means get guided.
  10. Log in to heaven with a smile, it means God’s love.
  11. Dreaming in the garden of paradise, means given a taste sincerely for charity.
  12. To feel eat fruits of heaven means getting good.
  13. Drinking water of paradise, means getting wisdom and wealth.
  14. Dream of leaning on the carpet of the heaven means a good wife or husband because good behavior.
  15. Dream about forbidden to get fruit from heaven, means the damage in his religion.

What does it mean when you dream about hell

  1. Dream to see hell means trouble.
  2. Dream about angel pull the crown of his head and cast into hell, means acquiring possessions.
  3. Dream to go to hell, means always behave badly and sin.
  4. Incorporating people into hell, means the person who entered the hell encouraged you to do evil.
  5. To dream out from hell without being exposed to the fire of hell, means fall into trouble in the world.
  6. Dream of drinking water of hell means to bother.
  7. Dreaming in hell with black face, means he makes friends with people who are enemies of God.
  8. Dream to feel you are always imprisoned in hell and you do not know since when you’ve been in hell, means your life in the world is always in poverty and difficult.
  9. Bring a sword and go to hell, means bad words.
  10. Get into hell with a smile means happy with the pleasures of the world.

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  • Sandra

    I’m so afraid of this dream. Hope it’s not gonna happen.

  • Qi

    I had a dream about chaos in the sky. There were jets, ufo’s and stars fighting each other and then at the end of the dream, the Statue of Liberty cracked and fell in front of my face.

    Two weeks later I had a similar dream. However this time there were colorful portals in the sky, opening and changing shapes. And then I saw part of the moon split and fall but it was still whole after that.