Dream About Blood Bleeding Pus Vomit

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Meaning of dream about blood, it can be a symbol that is very flexible. This is because the blood symbolize various emotions. The different cultures in the world consider the dream about blood means happiness because blood is considered as life element. Yup, without blood we can not live. Blood becomes one of the factors that support our life.dream about blood

What does it mean when you dream about blood

  1. See blood coming out and injuries means the damage and losses.

  2. Dream of drinking blood, means getting dirty money or murder.

  3. Dream of blood or pus out of your body, means out of sin.

  4. Dream of bleeding from your face or pus and exposed to clothes or body, means accept bribes.

  5. Dream to see blood without any wound, means to receive bribes or perhaps lurch.

  6. Dream of bleeding from the nose if molten means illicit money, when lumpy means miscarriage.

  7. Seeing the blood is collected in one place, then spilled on it means there is a sad event, that is a murder.

  8. Dream to see the river of blood means the murder.

  9. Dream of his body bleeding because of a spear thrust, means a healthy body and a lot of money. If you are a traveler, means come back home with safe.

  10. Dream of blood out of his sweat, it means less money, if you are indigent, means earn money.

  11. Genitals bleed, means your couple miscarriage.

  12. Dream of blood out of the anus, if exposed your body or clothes, then get the stolen money.

  13. Dream of your teeth bleed, then get sorrow.

  14. Dream to see your nose bleeding, means to get money from your boss.

  15. Both eyes bleed, means sorrow.

  16. Dream about spit with fury and with blood, means give dirty money to people.

  17. Dream of blood out of your mouth, if the color is good means will have children, if the blood flow in a container means the child will live, and if flows into the ground means your child will die.

  18. Dream about disease that is filled with pus, means to get money in the wrong way.

  19. Dream about pus or blood out of your body, means his money runs out, or it can also mean out of grief.

  20. Dream to lick the pus or bloody, means eating something with displeasure.

  21. Dream of vomiting, means repentance of sinners and return to the path of God.

  22. Dream of vomiting blood, means dying.

  23. Dream of vomiting yellow blood, that means your body is strong.

  24. Dream of vomiting black blood, means to escape from trouble.

  25. Dream of vomiting, pull out all the contents of the stomach, means the damage.

  26. Dream of vomiting, while you are fasting and then dive into the vomit, then do not want to pay the debt, although you can pay it.

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