Dream About Birthday Party & Celebrating Anniversary

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

birthday party dream meaning

Dreams about parties or crowds are often analogized as a bad omen. We can see how the dream of getting married which is a bad sign. Similarly, if you dream about birthday, then this is also a sign that trouble will come to you.

Birthday dream meaning

In general this is a bad sign. To interpret dreams about birthdays, we also need to pay attention to the chronological in the dream, so that the interpretation is near to the truth. The following are some of the meanings of birthday dreams as we have listed below.

Dream of celebrating a birthday
The first is the dream of celebrating a birthday. This dream is a sign that in the near future, you will be sick with a fever. What and how to do, I have proved the correctness of this dream.

Dream of getting a birthday present
This dream is a sign of someone coming to your house. Unlike most meanings, this dream is a good sign. Guests who come to your house are guests who bring joy, good news, and happiness.

The dream was invited to a birthday party
Getting an invitation to a birthday party is a sign of a friend or family going sick or dying. I have never proven the truth of this dream, but I believe it is God-given instructions through our dreams.

Dream of blowing out candles
This dream is also a bad feeling. This is a sign of a broken relationship with a friend. I once proved this and the next day I quarreled with my co-worker for something.

Dream wedding anniversary
For those of you who are married, this dream is a beautiful dream. However, this dream is a bad sign in your relationship and your partner. This dream is a natural cue that there has been a betrayal or infidelity committed by your spouse.

Above are all the meanings of birthday in dream. Despite having bad meaning, just pray that does not come true. Although you should also be ready with the possibilities that can happen and make it as a lesson.