Spiritual Meaning of Accident in Dreams

accident dream meaning

Dreams with accidents are not a good sign. The alert button has been active in your subconscious. Try to find out why your subconscious gives you this dream. Dreams with accidents range from car or plane crashes to simple accidents.

Many people who have had dreams like this, they then postponed their journey. Such dreams are called premonitory dreams and there were people who even cancel their flights because they have this dream before.

Some people believe that accident dreams symbolize lack of confidence and fear of making serious mistakes. This dream is also interpreted as the fear of losing a loved one.

Accident in dream

Car accident
This is a dream that has a bad meaning. People who dream like this are believed to be unlucky or something very annoying. What was experienced by my friend, he got unlucky because scolded by the boss for things that are not his responsibility. Try not to ignite your emotions if similar condition also happens to you.

Motorcycle or bike accident
These dreams include dreams with good meaning. Dreams of a motor accident is a sign of the arrival of good luck or good news that will come to you.

Train accident
The train has its own way. As for the analogy, if you dream of a train-related accident, this means you will have a failure in achieving a goal. You will get frustrated because your goals are not successful.

Dream of plane crash
The plane is a flying vehicle. The dream of a plane crash is related to a dating matter. This dream can be a symbol that the soul mate you’ve hoped to become a life companion will approach you. On the other hand, this dream can also mean that your partner will stay away from you.

Dream of seeing an accident
If you only dream of seeing an accident, then there are other things more specific

  • Seeing a train accident means you will fail.
  • Seeing a bike crash means someone in your life will be poor.
  • Seeing a plane crash means someone close to you will get a divorce.
  • Seeing a car accident means you will get bad luck.

Not all crash dreams have a similar meaning. Any of which can actually be a good sign. If you dream of an accident but you are not injured or you can survive the accident, then the dream meaning above does not apply.


  • Monob

    A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me about his strange dream. In his dream, he seemed got car accident with me. After that, I just laughed and considered it a wind then. Nevertheless, he felt that the dream he got seemed real.

    After a few days of dreaming, my friend experienced something very annoying. After I checked, this dream is consistent with the predictions of dreams accident some time ago. Meaning of the dream becomes a sign that we will have bad luck.