Church in My Dream What Does it Mean

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church dream meaning

The church is a building built by people to do religious ceremonies, making it an ideal place to gather and pray. The Church is used as a place for mass, acting as an intermediary between us and divinity.

To dream about the cathedral and chapel in touch with the spiritual aspects of each. Dreaming of a church is not specifically related to religion as expected. Dreams will get different meanings related to spirituality. Here are some possible meanings of dreaming about the church.

What does a church dream mean?

Dream mass in church
The dream of a church mass with a choir is good news and inner peace. You will soon become part of the good news itself. This event is usually closely related to marriage or commitment. If you are dating, maybe your partner will ask you to formalize the relationship. If you have just had a broken heart with your partner, it probably means there is hope for reconciliation, although everything will depend on you.

Dream of seeing a chapel
The dream of seeing the chapel from a distance means you will get some disappointment or frustration. You blindly trust people, even people you’ve just met.

Dream collapsed church
The wreckage of a fallen church symbolizes a failure or bad news. You must have the support of family and friends. In this way you will not feel alone and you will be able to overcome the problems that befall you.

Dreams expelled from church
If you dream of being expelled from the church then get the same interpretation as above. This dream symbolizes that if you trust the person you love, then you can overcome any obstacles.

Meet someone at church
This dream symbolizes you are concerned about that person. It represents your desire to give protection and affection.

Dreaming of a large and magnificent cathedral
This dream symbolizes your desires and ambitions. Regardless of what they say, you should never give up for the future you want.

A dream passes through a church
Passing a church is tranquility. There is a possibility you will leave a problem that tortures you.

Dreaming of a dark church
The dark church symbolizes death or burial. It can also relate to someone who has died at the funeral.

The church is brightly lit
A bright church in a dream warns times of sadness and happiness.

Dream of seeing a priest
Pastors or priests at the altar show that you will have some problems with the people around you.

Church burned
Church burning in dreams offends anger and sadness. You have lost the trust and drown into depression.

As you can see, church dreams have different meanings depending on the context, culture, and the way you see the world. In general, dreaming of a chapel, cathedral, monastery or church symbolizes your desire to find the right solution.