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cheating dream meaning

Cheating dreams often become unpleasant and disturbing dreams. We usually interpret the negative aspects, the fear of losing someone we love. You’ve had a dream where your partner gores you from behind. You should know that this is a very common dream. Do not worry; it does not have to be true. Dreams where your partner is unfaithful may have different interpretations. On the other hand, people who dream about marriage, they are often obsessed with relationships. This is an unhealthy relationship and jealousy. Cheating dreams can come from people who have serious doubts about their spouse. You might consider hiring a private detective to follow your partner.

This is a common dream and deals with our hidden desire to experience new and exciting situations. Here are some of the most common interpretations of a cheating dream.

What does it mean to dream of cheating?

Dream your partner having an affair with a coworker
If in real life, if your partner having affair in workplace,  this dream indicates that your jealousy towards that person. Talk to your partner and share your concerns directly.

Dream of infidelity
If you have recurring dreams that your spouse is unfaithful to you, this represents a real mistrust of your spouse. These dreams can also happen to people who were before betrayed so that they now experience distrust in their current relationship for no apparent reason.

Dream your partner is kissing someone else
It is a sad dream where you see how your partner kisses someone. This dream means your fear that your girl (boyfriend) does not think you are unattractive as before. Do not look away, but try to make your relationship special as before.

Dream of an affair before marriage
This means doubts about marriage. Attention and approach in knowing whether your relationship will arrive at a good harbor. You can read more about marriage dreams.

  • You are unfaithful to your spouse means you are unconsciously uncomfortable for a reason. In many occasions it is often associated with sexual dissatisfaction, with desires and fantasies you are depressed.
  • Dreaming your partner has tricked you is usually the most uncomfortable and unpleasant for you. Even so, it represents the unconditional love you feel. Feelings lose someone you love so great, represented in this cruel dream.
  • You have an affair with your partner’s friend means you feel neglected and lonesome. You must show to your partner love and need for attention. This does not necessarily mean that you are interested in your current partner’s friend.

In general, the affair expressed in dream is related to our emotional crisis. Psychoanalysis has found that there are many meanings depending on your situation and personality.