Cat Dream What Does it Mean

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

cat dream meaning

Cat dreams are perfectly normal. You’ve probably kept a cat and dreamed about cats. You can dream about cat because you have your favorite pet in your home or because you just saw a cat digging up trash. Cats have always been animals with a lot of controversy; black cats are often attributed to magic or evil creatures. Another culture gives another meaning to this animal figure. For American Indians, the cat is a sly person; the ancient Egyptians considered the cat as representation of the Sun and the Moon, while the Chinese thought the cat represented sin.

Dreaming cat has different meanings according to the conditions that occur in dreams. The female cat symbolizes features of sensuality, elegance, and instinct. Depending on the animal’s reaction to you or your attitude in a dream, this gives a different meaning.

What does a cat dream mean?

  • Dream of seeing a black cat is a sign of doubt about your relationship that is reflected in cats. Are you worried about your partner? Maybe you could have dreamed of cheating at other times.
  • The dream of a kitten symbolizes the instinct of a parent in you. You have a protective character and you are worried about people who are helpless. In addition, this dream symbolizes the desire to become a parent.
  • Cats scratch or bite you are related to fear or disagreement.
  • The dream of a cat attacking you is attributed to prejudice.
  • The dream of caressing a cat means good news awaits you. It is also related to the love and desire you feel for someone.
  • Feeding a cat in a dream reveals betrayal and infidelity.
  • A cat approaches you symbolizing a warning that someone near you is trying to use you.
  • The sound of a cat in a dream symbolizes hypocrisy.
  • Seeing a cat with a kitten means you will have a conflict with people who are poorly educated.
  • Repel cats dream means that you will defeat your enemies and earn a fortune.
  • The dream of killing a cat means winning over your enemy or you catch a thief.
  • The flesh of a cat in a dream symbolizes stolen money.
  • Fighting with cats means you will get sick.
  • Seeing someone else turn into a cat, you have to be careful with that person.

Dreaming a cat can warn you of the bad intentions of those around you. Even so, you do not realize it because the cat often looks spoiled. This dream belongs to a bad dream, in general.