Bitten by Cats in Dreams Meaning

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Read on to interpret your dreams and avoid everything if your dream has a bad meaning.

Cats are very adorable pets. No wonder a lot of people happy to take care of cats, although often we find wild cat on the street. Perhaps, there are some of you who dream about cats, such as the dream of seeing cats, scratched or bitten by a cats in dream. Therefore, people still believe in things that are superstitious, then you can find out what exactly this dream meaning.

bitten by cat dream meaning

What does it mean when a cat bites you in dream

Many websites on the internet talk about the meaning of cats in dream included being bitten by cat in dream. Although cats are included in a funny kind of animal, tame, and can be used as a pet, but not all dreams related to cats have a good sign.

Hand bitten by cats
Cats are very likely to bite its owner’s hand. It is really hurting. For the meaning about bitten by cat right on your hands, it indicates when the people you love is going to stab you from behind.

Bitten by cats on leg
Beside a dream of bitten by cats on hand, there are also people who dream of bitten by cats on legs. It means there are people far away from you who had previously close to you have bad intention and try to hurt you slowly, in simple word is a traitor.

Bitten to bleed
Almost the same meaning as dreams meaning above, dream like this means that there is someone who will love you but also will hurt you someday.

Most of the dreams about bitten by cats have bad meaning, so you must be careful with these dreams. Although the dream is unreal, you should find out the meaning of your dreams.