Alphabet W

If you dream to earn wages, means trust.

If you dream of being served a restaurant waiter, it means your work will increase demand.

If you dream of your house wall broken down, it means that your household will fall apart.

If you dream of losing the war, meaning not good.

If you dream of opening wardrobe then you will get clothes.

If you dream of walking on the water means you’re will be lucky. While immersed in the river mean bad. Seeing the water into the house, then you will suffer pain. Dream of crying, it means will come excitement. Dream of seeing a flood, you will get a windfall. Dream to see the water flowing, means getting shocking news.

If you dream of eating watermelon, means romance overwhelming.

If you dream of seeing waves, it is a sign that your fortune is being oscillated.

If you dream of finding a weapon means guests will come.

If you dream of taking water from the well, meaning you get a fortune but accompanied with aggravation. If you hear the sound from the well, then will come the dispute. Well inside the house, then you will be ill. Wells without water, meaning you will lack for a while. The fish in the well, meaning that you’ll have good luck. Dream to see the well on fire, meaning there will be an event that is not unexpected. Walls of the well is damaged, then you get hurt.

If you dream of seeing the color white, fortune will come to you.

If you dream of wind lashed home, meaning you at any time about to leave home. If you dream about hurricane it means you will soon receive news. The sea breeze meant arise warfare.

If you dream of seeing something through the window, it means good luck will be always come. Dream of broken windows, means the opposite.

If you dream of drinking wine, this means that a friend who can help you.

Something tempting will come in your life.

If you dream of worshiping, then you will be successful in any job and always shown mercy by God.

If you dream of having a wound, meaning your finances well.

If you dream of seeing someone wreck and then you help him, meaning there will be an increase in livelihood.

If you dream to see wrestling, means difficulty in life.