Alphabet T

Dream to up on the table, it means a promotion. See table, it means your household will be happy.

If you’re talking in dream means that you can solve a problem.

If you dream of being taught by people, especially teachers or parents indicating there is a privilege to be earned.

If you dream of drinking tea, means good fortune in terms of trade. While the dream, spilling tea from a glass, it means bad luck.

If you dream of becoming a teacher means that you will successfully to achieve your goals.

Meet with a thief, then you have to work with full initiative.

Many ticks on your body. means you’ll make a profit.

If you dream of buying any ticket, means something that begins well, ends well too.

If you dream of seeing a tiger means a warning to you not to doubt and vacillate. But if you dream of being chased by a tiger, it means there are people who have bad intentions to you.

If you dream of closing the can, then you will expand your company.

If you dream of eating tomatoes, means it will come pleasure after working for a year.

If you dream of seeing the tomb, then you will benefit and longevity.

If you dream of a toothache means you will get a hitch. Dream about teeth loss, means someone will die in the family.

If you dream of carrying a torch, means that you will get top-notch.

If you dream of being in the Tribune, means the triumph.

If you dream of cutting down a tree, it means someone is blocking your efforts but will not succeed. If you dream of seeing a bare tree, meaning you will be poverty-stricken, while seeing a shady tree and bushy means wealth will come to you. Pine trees growing on the roof of the house, means longevity. Dreamed of tree climbing means you will be lucky. Dream of walking under a shade tree means that you will get success.

Hear or see the trumpet, means a good reputation.