Alphabet R

If you dream of seeing a bunch of white rabbit in the garden, then the excitement will come.

If you hear the radio, means that your position will be better.

If you dream of being attacked by rain and strong winds in the middle of the road, a sign that you will enjoy delicious dishes. Dream of seeing heavy rain, meaning that you will get sick.  Dream to see rain for a long time, then you will be sick.

If you dream of seeing a rainbow glowing red, it means something good, everything what you want is likely to be achieved.

If you dream of reading holy book, this is a sign of a great advantage. If you dream of learning to read, it means that your knowledge will increase.

If you see red, indicating a long life.

If you dream to repent to God, means you will remain live well.

If you dream of respected by people, it means you do good to other people and will arrive unexpected grace. Meanwhile, if you give respect to others means you will lose a lot of friends.

Revelation in dream that means clever.

If you dream of rib pain, meaning will be come a loss or death.

If you dream of eating rice, then you will live strong and healthy.

If you dream about getting rich means that you will not be successful in business.

If you dream of carrying a rifle, means well.

If you dream of seeing a rhino, a sign you will have a great influence in social standing.

If you dream losing a ring, then you should be wary.

Seeing overflowing river means you tend to work ahead and if you see the clear river, means there will a lot of money.

If you dream of being robbed means you will find a fortune. Dream to see the robber entered the house, meaning an unexpected fortune.

Rocking chair
If you dream of sitting in a rocking chair, it means an advantage in the job you are doing.

If you dream of sitting or standing on the roof of the house means that all the ideals reached and when you are sitting with a close friend, you earn a fortune.

If you dream of being in a room, then you will be loved by many people.

If you were tied with rope means there are people who will destroy you and want what you have.

Dreaming run, means of sustenance.