Alphabet O

If you dream in October means less good, if you have a plan, it will be better postponed.

Dream of selling oil, means changing jobs. Buy oil, means a good news. Dream to use perfume, then you will gain happiness envisioned.

If you dream of eating onions, meaning you have to be careful because you will cheated by someone.

If you dream of surgery, meaning you earn a profit soon after a struggle.

If you dream of picking oranges means that you will be get a chance. While eating sweet orange means you will lose your money.

If you dream of adopting a child, meaning that your fortune will soon increase. And when visiting orphanages, meaning that you will receive good news. If you are becoming an orphan, this means you are living in luxury and happiness. If you dream to go to the orphanage, then there will be a glory in life.

If you dream an ostrich means all plans will fail.