Alphabet H

If you dream of gray hair, means a long life. Dream hair loss, then you will be sad. Dream long hair, then you will be happy. Dream hair over your eyes, then you will be condemned by the people. Dream to see the wig, then you will be betrayed by your friends.

A strong hand, you are a political expert.

If you dream of getting a handkerchief, meaning there will be strife.

If you dream of wearing a hat, it means that your position will be even better. Dreaming of losing hat means you will lose something in the house.

If you dream of hated by someone means good news will come to you.

If you dream of seeing a hatchet, you are gifted to be an architect.

If you dream hardship due to something, represents a warning to you to be more active with the work you’re doing.

If you dream of seeing hell, means suffering.

If you dream of a healthy, meaning you have to be extra careful with the food that you eat frequently.

If you dream of seeing heaven, then you will get a happy life.

If you dream of your hair graying, means longevity.

If you dream of holiday, then the fun will soon arrive.

Drink honey, means success in love, and when you dream of selling honey means that you will always be faithful.

If you dream of your head horned, meaning there will be disputes.

If you dream of maintaining a horse, meaning that you’ll have a good child. Dream to riding a white horse mean a loss, while the red horse means a good result. Horse jumping, means trouble will be gone.

Dreamed of hot, means when you have a plan, you better cancel it.

If you dream of staying in a hotel, then your efforts will fail.

If you dream of buying a house, means kindness. Dream to see a burning house mean that you will suffer in a short time. Dream of making a house, then you are successful in everything ideals. Your house collapsed, meaning that you’ll get in trouble. Lots of dirt in the house, then you make some money. House on the mountain, meaning you will get happiness. Your neighbor’s house on fire means that you will be betrayed by a close friend. Your House is damaged then you will get tribulation. Cleaning the house, meaning you will get an unexpected treasure.