Alphabet G

If you dream of being in the flower garden, it means your life is full of happiness and joy.

If you dream to meet general, this means your business is very good.

If you dream of talking to the ghost, it means your financial will increase.

If you dream of getting a keepsake gift, then you will get the excitement that unexpected.

If you dream of breaking glass that you hold, means there will be a disappointment and hardship.

If you dream of goat pulls the train, means a change of life that you do not know the consequences. Dream of eating goat generally means possessions.

If you dream of seeing a goose means love will blossom.

Goose meat
If you dream of eating goose meat, it means that your health is less good.

If you dream out of the gorge, means you will get promotion or fortune.

Graduation certificate
If you dream of seeing a graduation certificate, meaning you are planning something that will be give you good hope.

If you dream of grapes, means you get a high position.

If you dream of digging graves, means profit.

If you dream of seeing gravel means your troubles will be reduced.

If you dream all wear green or green color, it tells you will be happy and prosperous life.

Dreams of seeing the ground suddenly cloven, meaning that you will be sick. Dream of leveling the ground, means you will be free from trouble. Digging the ground, meaning there will be disputes. Buried in the ground, meaning treasure.

Someone hold up a gun, means advances in all things.