Alphabet F

If you dream of buying fabric in the store, then you will make friends.

Fall down
If you dream of falling out of bed, represents a warning and you have to be careful in the work.

If you dream of as a farmer, means generosity sustenance.

If you dream of your body to gain weight, it means your health will be poor.

If you dream of your father or seeing parents means your life has been very good in their eyes.

If you see a fence, then what you are doing impeded.

If you dream of seeing people fighting, it means your trading conditions going forward. If you dream on a fight, then you will earn money. Dream of fighting with robber means you will have a tough task. Dream to fight with devil means that you will live in poverty in a rather long time. Dream of fighting with a tiger, then you will be dealing with the police.

If you dream of rubbing youre fingers, it means that your position will be soon change.

If you dream to bring the fire in the boat means will get benefit. Flaming land is a sign that you will get health problems. Seeing fire from a distance, a sign of longevity. Fire in black, a sign you will soon find what you are looking for. Fire burning in the house means kindness. Dream to see fire comes down from heaven and burns the house sign will get sustenance or a lot of money. And if you dream to extinguish the fire, that is a sign you will be able to resolve difficulties were encountered. Dream to see fire in the grave, it means live longest.

If you dream of seeing firebox with coals or charcoal with flames means luck soon.

If you dream about fish in the well, meaning there is good news. Dream of fishing, means to get money.

If you dream of flies fly, meaning your neighbors like you.

If you dream of handing out flowers to people, means farewell, and if you dream got flowers, meaning excitement.

If you dream of flying with a plane, means it will come a special invitation because you have a very valuable advantages.

If you dream about flute, means success in any business.

If you are dreaming about fog means that you must be careful.

If you dream of about tasty food and delicious, then you get lucky in life.

If you dream of eating with a fork means your household would have fun.

If you dream of going into a fortress, then you will feel cranky. Seeing the castle repaired, means you will have a modest fortune. If you dream of being near the castle, it means you be helped by your friends.

If you dream out of the forest means you will lose money or something precious.

If you dream of exonerated by the court means that you can knock out people who are suspicious of you.

If you dream of about frugality, it means that your livelihood will drop.