Alphabet C

If you dream of making a cage, means that you will receive good news. If you see an empty cage means your business will fail.

If you dream of eating cakes means happiness will arise.

Dreaming camel means impediment. If you dream of seeing a camel in captivity means that there is a profitable journey.

Dream of seeing a lighted candle in the room, meant to be a romantic life.

If you hear the sound of cannons, meaning there will be something that will surprise you.

If you dream of a canary is singing in a cage means happy.

If you dream of playing cards, means under the cards you have.

If you dream of sweeping the carpet or clean it, means it will arrive happiness.

If you dream of riding a carriage, means will have this benefit, Dream of riding a carriage while bantering, then you will succeed.

If you dream of seeing carrion-smelling, means trouble will befall you in the matter of finances.

If you dream of carrying your children, then you will quarrel with your friends.

If you dreamed a lot of cats, meaning there will be a virtue. Watch a cat sleeping, it means peace of your household will be achieved. Scratched by cat in dream, means that you are being harassed by people who are really more stupid than you.

If you dream of walking into the cave with your friends, indicating there is a friend who always by your side will help you.

If you dream stung by a centipede, means a long life.

If you dream of writing with chalk, you will have bad luck.

If you dream of becoming a champion in a competition means your level of prominence in the trade.

If you dream of chained by someone means sadness suddenly comes or you will get into trouble. If dream of wearing an iron chain, meaning that you will be harmed.

If you dream of putting the items in the crate, then you will move to another place.

If you dream of seeing a chicken flew into the tree indicates that you will receive money. Dream to see the hen hatching means will be rewarded with kindness. Meanwhile, if you dream of seeing hens laying eggs, then it would be profitable. Buying rooster means soon have a child. Dreamed of your chickens stolen meaning will grieve. Nurturing chick means you should not anxious. Meanwhile, when the dream of chicken feeding means your work will get advanced and successful of all aspired.

If you dream of seeing or having a child, means an advantage will soon come to you. Especially if you dream of having a son.

If you dream of eating chili, meaning that you’ll be angry.

If you dream of smoking, then you will be successful.

If you dream of cleanse your body, means a good thing, you are honest and happy in life. While the dream of cleaning the body of another person, means you will have new ambitions. Dream of house cleaning, meaning you will get a high position in society. Dream of teeth cleaning, meaning you do not have to worry about your livelihood now.

If you dream of seeing a man with a machete, then you will experience a shortage in financial terms.

If you dream to climb, means good fortune.

If you dream of undress, it means losing money. Dream of to wear rags, means it will receive the gift. Dream of buying clothes, mean what you aspire to be achieved. Dream of wearing fancy clothes, means it will receive a huge loss.

If you dream of seeing a white cloud means happiness. Dream about rain clouds, a warning so you have to be careful. Dream about red cloud is a sign that a village will be in harm. Dream to see the black clouds mean will come distress.

If you dream of becoming a cobbler, means life and work will be satisfying.

If you dream of sitting under a palm tree, then you have good aspiration. But when you dream of taking coconut means sickness.

If you dream of drinking coffee, then you will get a profit, but only temporarily.

If you dream of learning compass, meaning a friend will help you.

If you dream doing a job with a complicated, this is the message that a man should always aspire to, it can be achieved with the ability and spirit so that you enjoy the results later.

Cooking, means a party.

If you dream of eating corpses, then you will get great benefits unexpected.

If you dream of sleeping in a cottage, then you will get something unexpected pleasure.

If you dream of seeing cotton, meaning there will be a job that will give you success.

Dream of seeing cows rampage, means trouble will soon come. If you dream of seeing or slaughter cows, means profits beyond expectations. Seeing a cow into the house means good news.

If you dream of cold, means that you will get help from a friend.

If you dream of eating corn, meaning that you will be fortunate in trade.

If you dream of seeing a mad man, you are in a state of very busy and life that is erratic. If you become a crazy person, means the opposite.

If you dream of riding a crocodile into the river, it means that your work will be more successful. Crocodile crawled back to your house, it means good luck.

If you dream about crow means disappointment.

Dream of crying, then you will get the happy news.

If you dream of drinking on a mug, it means your life will be assured.