Alphabet A

If you dream of avoiding a show conducted by a renowned actress means that you will get double luxury. If you an actress in your dream, meaning that all ideals can be achieved.

If you dream in a acrobatics show, means you will be lucky. If there is an accident in acrobatics then you should cancel your plan because it will be a lot of obstacles.

If you dream that your wife is having an affair with another man, it means trouble for your family in the future.

If you dream of seeing the pictures in the album, it means excitement after the tribulation.

If you dream of drinking alcohol, you will gain health.

If you dream of seeing various animals, that means you have to work very hard.

If you dream of seeing an angel flying over the house means happiness, while an angel conversing with you means someone will come.

If you dream of seeing ants, means happiness in love and success in the trade.

If you dream of eating an apple, means you will have success. To see apples on the table means that your position will grow up.

If you dream about April, a sign of success in work, romance.

If you dream of becoming an architect means high esteem.

If you dream got arrows mean you will be assisted by someone or you will receive good news.

If you dream of exposed gray into the nose up and can not breathe indicating there is something wrong in your work.

If you dream of being in August, a sign of everything related to August most likely not succeed and all the work of the results are less than satisfactory.