Dream is a part of human life. Although the dream include personal experience, but it is a universal phenomenon that plays an important role in human culture. Therefore, the dream can not be separated from human life and it has a great influence in life.

Beyond all that, there is uniqueness about the dream, most dreams are difficult to remember after we wake up. Nightmares may still be borne in mind, but it is not clear. This is because the “sub-conscious mind” of the brain does not move it from short-term memory to long-term, so it will be forgotten soon after waking.

People can dream up to eight times in one night. On average, people dream about 2-4 times every night, but there are people who can dream up to 8 times. We’re not going to remember what we dream, because only a few can keep in mind by the brain.

In the history, many people are dreaming and believing the truth behind the dream. Dreams can delight in someone’s life, but also can be staggering, scary or interesting. When we have good dreams, we are not willing to lose those dreams and we want to become reality. Some people believe that dreams are messages from God, but some people just regard as their routines on the bed. Meanwhile, some people also want to know behind the nightmare.

That’s why dream interpretation much sought after, because people are still hoping to find out a bit of a secret in life that appear in dreams.