Snake Wrapped Around Your Body

Snake Wrapped Around Your Body

Snakes in dreams are analogous to temptations and difficulties. Some people think of snakes as a sign of a seductive, debt-laden woman, and some take it as a sign of someone who is jealous or envious of us. Dreams wrapped by snakes, this has no special provisions, because it depends on how chronological dreams are […]

flying dream

Dream About Flying Symbol Explanation

Dream about flying may well be the most common dreams. Dreams of flying often fall into that special group of dreams in which the dreamer knows if they are dreaming. These dreams called as lucid dreams are a couple of the most fascinating to each dreamers and dream experts alike. Dreams of flying in many […]

arms dream meaning

Dream of Seeing Broken Arms and Wounded

The dream of seeing the arms, whether the arms in your dreams belong to other people or your own arm has often been experienced by many people. This dream does not necessarily symbolize something special, although the arm can mean something important under certain conditions. Dreams can be forgotten so quickly when you wake up. […]

birthday party dream meaning

Dream About Birthday Party & Celebrating Anniversary

Dreams about parties or crowds are often analogized as a bad omen. We can see how the dream of getting married which is a bad sign. Similarly, if you dream about birthday, then this is also a sign that trouble will come to you. Birthday dream meaning In general this is a bad sign. To […]

your daddy died dream meaning

What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Father Died

Who does not grieve if beloved father dies unexpectedly. Definitely for normal people, losing a father would be a bitter experience. However, you are very lucky if this incident only happens in your dreams. Because the dream of your father died is a symbol of goodness in general. Many meanings can be drawn from this […]

cry dream meaning

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Crying

The dream of crying includes a dream that is rarely experienced by many people. Therefore, for those of you who dream of crying, this is considered a symbol given by nature to you. If you are dreaming of crying or seeing someone else crying, read the following for lessons. Crying in dream Sobbed dream This […]

drowning dream meaning

What does It Mean When You Drown In a Dream?

Dreams are mysteries. Some people believe and have proved that a dream also has meaning and can be a sign of an event in the world. One of the dreams that can come true is drowning. These dreams include nightmares. For those of you who dream of drowning, read more below. Dream of drowning generally […]

Airplane dream meaning

Airplane Dream Meaning

When you get the pleasure of living unexpectedly before, what would you do? Are you going to share the happiness with those around you? If you dreamed of boarding a plane last night, this dream is generally a sign that you will gain unexpectedly abundant profits or an increase in the economy. Plane dream meaning […]

husband died dream meaning

What Does it Mean When You Dream of Your Husband Died

It must be very hard for you, when you accept the fact that your husband who has accompanied the rest of your life died. God has called him, to live a new life, you must also have status as a widow. At this time I will not discuss how you feel and how you can […]

Dream of Riding a Bicycle

Dream of Riding a Bicycle

Bicycle is a transportation tool, which is now rarely used because of technological advances. Riding a bicycle is now more often used for exercise and recreation, no wonder if people start rarely driving it for a special purpose. According to dream researchers, riding a bicycle is associated with a life journey or your future condition. […]