Babies in dream meaning

Dream About Babies Meaning

Dreams sometimes have special meaning for someone. Many people are less credence about the dream meaning. They just think it’s just a myth. But not often the dreams we got become reality in real life. This time we will discuss the dream interpretation of having children or babies in dream. Children in dreams meaning Dream […]

Kill someone in dream meaning

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Killing Someone

Although horrible, killing someone in the dream can happen as a result we hate someone too much till get swept away in the dream. However, please be aware that the dream occurred at 2-3 am can not be considered as an ordinary dream. Dream at those hours can often be a sign of things will […]

letter dream meaning

Dream About Letter Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about letter Someone rip your letter, it means a fight. Dream of writing a letter, means perfect. Dream to give a letter, mean getting something good. To see a stamped letter, means conclusive news. Give a letter while giving something, means money. Distribute many letters to people, means […]

Wolf dream meaning

Dream About Wolf Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about wolves Dream of seeing a wolf, means a liar and a traitor. Wolf meat, means illicit money. Dream of killing wolves, meaning is damage to the opponent. Dream of seeing a wolf’s head, means to gain power and privilege. A dream of finding skin or wolf’s bones, […]

Elephant dream meaning

Dream About Elephant Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about elephant Dream of seeing an elephant but you don’t ride it, meaning is poor financial condition. Herding elephants in dream, means you make a friend with someone. You have elephants in your dream, means to get money or luck. Dream of seeing an elephant killed somewhere, means […]

Horse dream meaning

Dream About Horse Meaning

Horse in dreams, what does it mean Horse in a dream, means the glory and honor. The horse-tail is growing longer and more fur, means your life is excellent. Ride a horse without a saddle, then walk on the wall, means commit sin. Ride a horse and fly, or that horse has wings and fly, […]

dream canoe boat meaning

Dream About Canoe or Boat Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about boat or canoe? Dream of seeing a canoe, it means trouble. Dream out of the canoe, means getting excitement. A canoe stops on dry land, means ordeal or meaningless expectation. Dream of your canoe sinks, means your business loss. Dream of your canoe sinks, then go up […]

Car dream

Dream of Driving a Car

Are you having a dream about car last night? If yes, based on the dictionary, this dream is a sign that you are going out on a new journey. Not only that, the dream of driving a car also means that in the next few days you will be injured and physically wounded. For more […]

Death dream meaning

Dream About Death Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about death? When you are dead in a dream, many people lamenting your death and bathe your dead body, bring you to the grave and bury you, means the destruction. But if you are not buried it means your business is better. If you are dead then back […]

Demon devil genie dream meaning

Dream About Genie Devil Demon Meaning

Genie Dream of seeing genie standing near your house, means a loss and humiliation. Dream to turn into a genie, means you like to cheat. Dream to see a genie get into your house and then works in your house, means your enemy will come to your house. Genie took your clothes, means you fired […]