Dog dream meaning

Dream About Dogs Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about dogs Dogs in a dream means an enemy that does not have ideals and the will, but there’s still a sense of affection towards the opponent. A dog is barking to you, means you will hear bad talk. A dog bites you, means the reproach from people […]

Lion in dream meaning

Dream About Lion Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about lion Lion in a dream means a very dangerous enemy. Dream of fighting a lion, means a fight with someone. Dream of lions get into the house, means damage. Dream of lion get into the city, means infectious disease in the town. Dream about lion meat, means […]

Wolf dream meaning

Dream About Wolf Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about wolves Dream of seeing a wolf, means a liar and a traitor. Wolf meat, means illicit money. Dream of killing wolves, meaning is damage to the opponent. Dream of seeing a wolf’s head, means to gain power and privilege. A dream of finding skin or wolf’s bones, […]

Elephant dream meaning

Dream About Elephant Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about elephant Dream of seeing an elephant but you don’t ride it, meaning is poor financial condition. Herding elephants in dream, means you make a friend with someone. You have elephants in your dream, means to get money or luck. Dream of seeing an elephant killed somewhere, means […]

Goat in dream meaning

Dream About Goat Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about goat Dream of goat is jumping over you, means you get money. Seeing a goat turned into sheep, means you will have a son. Dream of your goats stolen, means goodbye to family. Goats in the house, means prosperity in that year. Dream of mating with a […]

Cow dream meaning

Dream About Cow Cattle Meaning

Cow in dreams meaning A dream of riding a cow, means succeed in the job. Dream to see cow were slaughtered, means murder. Dream of killing cattle and eat the meat, means killing your friend and take his money. Dream of seeing multicolored cows, means the disease arise in this year, especially when the cows […]

Sheep dream meaning

Dream About Sheep Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about sheep Sheep in a dream, means a great man and glorious Dream of riding a sheep, means to make people follow your orders. Bringing sheep on your back, it means bringing goods for big people. A sheep is riding on your back, means you will lose. Break […]

Horse dream meaning

Dream About Horse Meaning

Horse in dreams, what does it mean Horse in a dream, means the glory and honor. The horse-tail is growing longer and more fur, means your life is excellent. Ride a horse without a saddle, then walk on the wall, means commit sin. Ride a horse and fly, or that horse has wings and fly, […]

donkey in dream meaning

Dream About Donkey Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about donkey Ride on a donkey, means a long life and reaching goals. Dream of dragged by donkey, means sad. Dream of donkey sound, means achieved what you want. Dream of killing donkey, means making money. Dream of your donkey disappeared, it means goodbye to someone. Donkey meat […]

Corpse dream meaning

Dream Corpse Dead Person Meaning

Dead body in dream Dream of dead body is flying, people follow it, means an honorable man died in that place. Seeing corpse in the market, means great luck. Dream to see the corpse said to you about the day of your death, means that is true. A dead person gave you new clothes, means […]