Kill someone in dream meaning

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Killing Someone

Although horrible, killing someone in the dream can happen as a result we hate someone too much till get swept away in the dream. However, please be aware that the dream occurred at 2-3 am can not be considered as an ordinary dream. Dream at those hours can often be a sign of things will […]

big snakes in dream

Dream to See a Big Snake in the House

On this occasion, I will share the meaning of dreams to see a big snake in the house. I deliberately discuss about this dream because almost everyone has experienced it. Many people have dreams to see a big snake in the house and it can be concluded that this dream means refer to bad luck. […]

hair loss dream meaning

Hair Loss in Dream Meaning

Hair in the dream as a perspective often analogous to health conditions in the real world. Therefore, the meaning of dreams about the hair, such as the dream of a haircut, shampoo, and hair loss dreams also become a sign of good or poor health conditions in the near future. In addition, especially the meaning […]

Dream About Alligator Meaning

Dream About Alligator Meaning

Alligator is a wild animals that live in the rivers and swamps. Since the animal is classified as hazardous, So no wonder the dream of seeing alligators are generally always associated with bad sign. But sometimes, dream about alligator is also a good sign. Dreams of seeing alligator is a sign if someone hate and […]

Tiger dream meaning

Pursued by Tiger in Dream Meaning

Tigers are wild animals and very dreadful. This animal is able to kill with sharp fangs and nails. Its ability to fight, make it often dubbed as the king of the jungle, replacing lion. Associated with the dream meaning of tiger, this animal also can be a sign of the events that will be experienced […]

letter dream meaning

Dream About Letter Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about letter Someone rip your letter, it means a fight. Dream of writing a letter, means perfect. Dream to give a letter, mean getting something good. To see a stamped letter, means conclusive news. Give a letter while giving something, means money. Distribute many letters to people, means […]

Dog dream meaning

Dream About Dogs Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about dogs Dogs in a dream means an enemy that does not have ideals and the will, but there’s still a sense of affection towards the opponent. A dog is barking to you, means you will hear bad talk. A dog bites you, means the reproach from people […]

Lion in dream meaning

Dream About Lion Meaning

Lion is a wild animal and commonly symbolized power, bravery, and dignity. Dreams about lions also seemed invite a lot of questions about what it means. For those of you who ever dreamed about a lion, read this dream dictionary about lion below. Lion is a symbol of loyalty. If you’re dream of meeting a […]

Wolf dream meaning

Dream About Wolf Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about wolves Dream of seeing a wolf, means a liar and a traitor. Wolf meat, means illicit money. Dream of killing wolves, meaning is damage to the opponent. Dream of seeing a wolf’s head, means to gain power and privilege. A dream of finding skin or wolf’s bones, […]

Elephant dream meaning

Dream About Elephant Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about elephant Dream of seeing an elephant but you don’t ride it, meaning is poor financial condition. Herding elephants in dream, means you make a friend with someone. You have elephants in your dream, means to get money or luck. Dream of seeing an elephant killed somewhere, means […]