What does it mean if you dream about a rabbit?

Dream Symbol Rabbit Meaning

In the real world, rabbits represent luck. Although in a dream world, it can have different interpretations. Many people dream more often about other animals such as ants or snakes, but rarely dream about rabbits. If you are curious about a rabbit in a dream, then you can follow this interpretation further. The rabbit is […]

dream interpretation white truck

Dream Symbol Truck Meaning

Transportation like a truck you’ve seen a lot. Almost all means of transportation in dreams have the same meaning. You can also draw a certain conclusion and know the meaning of the truck in your dreams. Dreaming of truck represents the direction you take to reach a goal or create an illusion becomes a reality. […]

knife dream meaning

Dream Symbol Knife Meaning

A knife is a tool used for cutting, even used as weapons. The size and shape of a knife will vary according to the need. Why do you dream about knives? It can be interpreted in a different way from the dream dictionary. Many people think that dreaming of a knife is due to fear. […]

dreaming of raw red meat

Dream Symbol Raw Meat Meaning

When meat comes in a dream, it can mean that your body is lacking protein. Meat represents the body and all things irrational. The subconscious mind becomes the best friend to guide you by sending certain messages while you sleep. If you are dreaming of raw meat, in general, this dream is the time you […]

rusty nail dream meaning

Dream Symbol Nails Meaning

Nails are very common to appear in your dreams. Your subconscious has captured the memory with nails because you have done some nail-related tasks. Dreaming nails can show you have a specific task to do. You have certain commitments that you have ignored. A nail in the dream also suggests that you should try to […]

dreaming of running fast

Spiritual Meaning of Running in Dreams

Running is an activity that anyone can do. When you hunt something, you will definitely run. The dream of running represents your wish to reach your goal faster. If you are feeling depressed recently, then you can also have dreams about running. If you run but you do not know your destination, then this indicates […]

What does hair symbolize in a dream?

Spiritual Meaning of Hair in Dreams

Hair often becomes the object of a dream. Many people have dreamed of hairs ranging from baldness, hair cutting, hair washing, and gray hair. Hair can play a major role for many people. However, do you know what the hair represents? Some analysts believe that dreaming about hair reflects strength, energy, and motivation. In addition, […]

What does it mean when you see a dolphin?

What Does a Dream About Dolphins Mean?

The dream of a dolphin is usually a positive dream. You wake up with energy and happiness. Dolphins have become a symbol of friendship, commitment, and positive energy. The meaning of dreams with dolphins will bring many positive interpretations. In some cultures, dreams about dolphins can also show that you will make changes to make […]

dreams about dinosaurs while pregnant

Dreams About Dinosaurs Attacking

Many people are surprised when they dream about dinosaurs. This dream includes a rare dream. In the real world, you cannot see this creature because it is extinct. But if you often watch movies about dinosaurs, you might have dreams about ancient creatures. Your subconscious sends messages that you need to describe. Dinosaur dreams also […]

dream about candy meaning

What Does it Mean to Dream About Eating Candy?

Candy in dreams can represent innocence, love in its purest form, as well as the desire to mingle with the people around you. Children are identical to candy. When you were a kid, you might like chocolate candy. If you never eat chocolate candy, it might be your childhood was less happy. Thus, candy, in […]