nose dream meaning

Nosebleed Dream What Does it Mean?

You do not need to see the Pinocchio movie of a wooden doll if you dream about your nose. Nose dreams include dreams that are rarely experienced by many people. Generally, a nose dream does not just mean that you need to be more intuitive and insightful. There are other interesting aspects that need to […]

glasses dream meaning

Dream of Wearing Glasses

You do not need to go to an ophthalmologist if you have a dream about glasses last night. Frequently worn glasses often become dream objects for all ages and people. However, it is important for you to remember the dream details for the correct interpretation. Sunglasses become part of fashion, in essence you will attract […]

acne dream meaning

Dream of Acne on Your Face

Some people will ask what does it mean to dream of acne. The truth is that the dream of acne has no single meaning. This will depend on various circumstances. There are some teenagers who may have this dream if obsessed with their skin condition. They are very serious to bring face cleansing. Pimples worried […]

bee dream meaning

Bees Dream Meaning and Things Related to Bee

Some of you might ask what it means to dream about bees. You might just dream of bees last night. Dream bees do not have a single meaning. This will depend on the various circumstances in the dream. People who seek the meaning of dreams include people who want to know themselves. What does it […]

beach dream meaning

Dreaming of Beach and Sea

The beach is sedimentary and mostly consists of sand. Almost everyone loves the beach because it deals with the holiday season. Seeing the calm ocean and clear blue is a perfect sight. But, why do you dream of a beach? Your subconscious may try to tell you something. The beach is synonymous with relaxation to […]

nobel dream meaning

Dream of Getting a Nobel Prize

As we all know that nobel is a world award that recognizes one’s efforts in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, peace, the environment, and many other disciplines. Nobel always brings fame in scientific and academic fields and greatly influences the winner of this contest. To get a nobel prize is needed hard work and […]

piercing dream meaning

Dream About Body Piercing and Earrings

Dream of piercing is almost the same as a tattoo dream. Piercing is a part of the body art. Children in their teenage years often do piercing art that they find interesting. At this age, young people pay particular attention to the image they want to convey outwardly. But this is also not limited to […]

starving dream meaning

Dream About Hungry and Starving

If you are on a diet, you will probably dream of starvation. Your empty stomach can play tricks on you and without you know it, you will begin to dream of feeling hungry. You sleep and you may dream of food. However, dream of hunger is not only synonymous with someone fasting. That’s when you […]

sneeze dream meaning

Dream of Sneezing What Does it Mean?

Dream, as you know, sometimes cannot be explained. Dream interpretation takes us out of inner doubt, helps us overcome our fears or to know our most hidden feelings. You may have dreamed of sneezing even though you are not allergic to something or not being sick. That’s when your subconscious has something to tell us, […]

color dream meaning

Dream About Colors What Does it Mean?

Some people dream about color. These dreams have a deeper meaning in the dream interpretation. Color describes the physical experience that makes important statements about the psychic state. According to some dream experts, people who dream of seeing a certain color will have more temperament than others who do not dream about color. These people […]